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2015 CSR Report

A report on our sustainable practices as citizens of our local and global communities.



Reducing our environmental footprint has been a core company value since our sustainability and green initiatives began in 2001. Our full-time Sustainability Coordinator and our Green Committee work together to conserve our use of water, energy, and natural gas, and the means by which we manage our waste at our facilities. As the need to address environmental protection becomes more urgent, CST is now quantifying long-term sustainability goals that are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our 2017 sustainability objective established a framework to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 3% year over year until 2025 and beyond. This goal aligns with the UN’s Science-Based Targets initiative, and the World Wildlife Fund endorses the “3% Solution” as a means to help companies work together to reduce CO2 by 1.2 giga tons from 2010 levels. This 1.2-giga ton reduction is an essential benchmark for meeting the UN goal of keeping global climate change under 2°C. We will continue to set new data-driven goals to minimize our impact on the natural world and maximize our potential for positive contributions to local communities and ecosystems.

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