Cell Signaling Technology

Tools Overview

Cell Signaling Technology scientists studying assays.

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) strives to deliver the world’s highest quality research tools that accelerate progress in biomedical research and personalized medicine.

XP® monoclonal antibodies
Since our inception in 1999, the core focus of CST has been on the development of high quality antibodies directed against protein post-translational modification sites as well as total proteins. This focus on quality antibodies, in particular rabbit monoclonal antibodies, ultimately lead to the development of XMT®, a proprietary monoclonal technology. Through XMT® we are able to generate our XP® monoclonal antibodies with exceptional specificity and sensitivity and the broadest range of approved applications.
PathScan® Sandwich ELISA Kits, Pairs and Antibody Arrays
PathScan® Sandwich ELISA pairs, kits, and antibody arrays are developed through the identification and creation of optimal antibody pairs for these assays. The in-house development, production and validation of these pairs ensure the highest possible product quality and support.
Cytokines and Growth Factors
We have now extended our expertise to the development of recombinant cytokines and growth factors. These reagents are held to the same unparalleled quality standards as CST antibodies.
SignalSilence siRNA
CST offers SignalSilence® siRNA for both human and mouse targets. These same reagents are also used in-house for antibody validation in western blotting and fluorescence-based applications.
Complementary Reagents
CST also offers a wide selection of secondary antibodies and detection reagents, as well as standard buffers and experimental controls.