Cell Signaling Technology



Cell Signaling Technology's packaging and shipping containers have been designed to conserve natural resources. All of our products are packaged and shipped in boxes or envelopes with the highest percentage of post-consumer waste available.

New Eco-Friendly Shipping Cooler!

Eco-Friendly Cooler

Our new environmentally friendly cooler is 100% compostable and made with insulation material containing 100% compostable rock and slag wool and wrapped in a biodegradable film. The box is made from 70% post-consumer waste.

Shipping Envelopes and Vial Boxes

Packaging Evelopes and Vials

Shipping Envelopes are made from fiber containing 90% post-consumer waste and 2” x 3.5” product shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled board with 35% PCW fiber using soy inks.


Kit Boxes

Packaging Kits and Boxes

Kit boxes are made from 80-90% post-consumer waste.

Packaging Sleeves

Packaging Sleeves

Packaging sleeves are made from biodegradable film.






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