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MITF (D3B4T) Rabbit mAb #97800

Microphthalmia   sc-11002  

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Applications Dilution Species-Reactivity Sensitivity MW (kDa) Isotype
W 1:1000 Human,Mouse,Monkey, Endogenous 50-70 Rabbit IgG
ChIP 1:50

Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

Applications Key: W=Western Blotting, ChIP=Chromatin IP,

Specificity / Sensitivity

MITF (D3B4T) Rabbit mAb recognizes endogenous levels of total MITF protein.

Source / Purification

Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with recombinant protein specific to the carboxy terminus of human MITF protein.

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from various cell lines using MITF (D3B4T) Rabbit mAb (upper) and β-Actin (D6A8) Rabbit mAb #8457 (lower).

Chromatin IP

Chromatin IP

Chromatin immunoprecipitations were performed with cross-linked chromatin from 4 x 106 SK-MEL-28 cells and either 10 μl of MITF (D3B4T) Rabbit mAb or 2 μl of Normal Rabbit IgG #2729 using SimpleChIP® Enzymatic Chromatin IP Kit (Magnetic Beads) #9003. The enriched DNA was quantified by real-time PCR using SimpleChIP® Human Tyrosinase Promoter Primers #12970, human VMD2 intron 1 primers, and SimpleChIP® Human α Satellite Repeat Primers #4486. The amount of immunoprecipitated DNA in each sample is represented as signal relative to the total amount of input chromatin, which is equivalent to one.


Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF) is a basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper transcription factor that is most widely known for its roles in melanocyte, ophthalmic, and osteoclast development (1-3). In humans, MITF can function as a melanoma oncogene (4) and mutations in the corresponding MITF gene are associated with Waardenburg syndrome type 2, an auditory-pigmentary syndrome characterized by developmental defects in cells derived from neural crest (5). At least 12 isoforms of MITF have been identified, which exhibit differential patterns of expression among cell and tissue types (6).

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