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Human His6Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin (hHis6TSLP) #8012

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8012LC 50 µg ( With Carrier ) ¥7,768.00 现货查询 购买询价
8012LF 50 µg ( Carrier Free ) ¥7,768.00 现货查询 购买询价
8012SC 10 µg ( With Carrier ) ¥2,580.00 现货查询 购买询价
8012SF 10 µg ( Carrier Free ) ¥2,580.00 现货查询 购买询价
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Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

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Source / Purification

Recombinant human His6TSLP (hHis6TSLP) Tyr29-Gln159 (Accession #NP_149024) was expressed in human 293 cells at Cell Signaling Technology. Recombinant hHis6TSLP contains 2 point mutations to eliminate potential furin cleavage sites (R127A and R130S).

CST公司生产的人重组蛋白His6TSLP (hHis6TSLP) Tyr29-Gln159 (Accession #NP_149024)是从人的293细胞表达而来。重组的hHis6TSLP包含两个点突变(R127A和R130S),以避免弗林蛋白酶的剪切。

Molecular Characterization

Recombinant human N-terminally His6-tagged TSLP has a calculated MW of 17,352. DTT-reduced and non-reduced protein migrate as 31 kDa polypeptides. Lower mobility in SDS-PAGE is due to glycosylation. The expected amino terminus of recombinant hHis6TSLP was verified by amino acid sequencing.



>98% as determined by SDS-PAGE of 6 μg reduced (+) and non-reduced (-) recombinant hHis6TSLP. All lots are greater than 98% pure.

6 μg 还原 (+) 和 非还原的(-) 重组hHis6TSLP通过SDS-PAGE检测,纯度大于98%,所有批次的纯度均高于98%。


The bioactivity of recombinant hHis6TSLP was determined by its ability to induce TARC production by PBMC. The ED50 of each lot is between 50-200 pg/ml.

hHis6TSLP的生物活性是通过诱导PBMC产生TARC 能力的实验来确定的。每个批次的ED50在50-200 pg/ml之间。

Coomassie Gel

Coomassie Gel

The purity of recombinant hHis6TSLP was determined by SDS-PAGE of 6 µg reduced (+) and non-reduced (-) recombinant hHisTSLP and staining overnight with Coomassie Blue.重组hHis6TSLP 蛋白的纯度通过SDS-PAGE 来确定。6 µg 经还原(+)和未经过还原(-) 的重组hHis6TSLP 蛋白跑SDS胶并用考马斯亮蓝染色过夜。



TARC production from human PBMC treated with increasing concentrations of hHis6TSLP was assessed. After 24 hours, cell supernatants were harvested and assayed for TARC by ELISA and the OD450-OD650 was determined.用递增浓度的hHis6TSLP培养PBMC 使其产生TARC 的实验。用hHis6TSLP培养细胞24小时后收集培养基并通过 ELISA 确定TARC并测定 OD450-OD650 数值。


Less than 0.01 ng endotoxin/1 μg hHis6TSLP.

每微克hHis6TSLP内毒素含量小于0.01 ng。


With carrier: Lyophilized from a 0.22 μm filtered solution of PBS, pH 7.2 containing 20 μg BSA per 1 μg hHis6TSLP. Carrier free: Lyophilized from a 0.22 μm filtered solution of PBS, pH 7.2.

有载体: 每微克hHis6TSLP的蛋白溶解在包含 20 μg BSA的PBS(pH 7.2)溶液中,并通过 0.22 μm 滤膜冻干。

无载体:每微克hHis6TSLP的蛋白溶解在PBS(pH 7.2)溶液中,并通过 0.22 μm 滤膜冻干。


TSLP is an IL-7-like cytokine that plays a key role in promoting TH2–type immune responses (1). Epithelial cells in the skin, lung, and gut are the predominant producers of TSLP (1). A number of immune cell types are responsive to TSLP including dendritic cells, lymphocytes, mast cells, and basophils, among others (1). Consistent with its role as a promoter of TH2-type immune responses, TSLP is a crucial component of the anti-helminth immune response (1). Moreover, TSLP may promote tumor progression by inducing TH2-type inflammation (2-4). TSLP signals through IL-7Rα/TSLPR heterodimers, activating Jak1/2 and Stat5 pathways (5,6).

TSLP是IL-7样细胞因子,它在促进TH2类型的免疫应答中发挥主要作用(1)。皮肤、肺和肠道中的上皮细胞是TSLP最主要的生产者(1)。一系列的免疫细胞类型,包括树突状细胞、淋巴细胞、肥大细胞、噬碱细胞和其它细胞,都对TSLP有响应(1)。与其能够促进TH2类型免疫应答作用一致,TSLP是抗寄生虫免疫应答的重要成分(1)。另外, TSLP也能通过TH2型炎症促进癌症发展(2-4)。TSLP通过IL-7Rα/TSLPR异源二聚体的信号而激活Jak1/2和 Stat5信号通路(5,6)。

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