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TBL1XR1/TBLR1 (D4J9C) Rabbit mAb #74499


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Applications Dilution Species-Reactivity Sensitivity MW (kDa) Isotype
W 1:1000 Human,Monkey, Endogenous 50, 60 Rabbit IgG
IP 1:100
ChIP 1:50

Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

Applications Key: W=Western Blotting, IP=Immunoprecipitation, ChIP=Chromatin IP,

Specificity / Sensitivity

TBL1XR1/TBLR1 (D4J9C) Rabbit mAb recognizes endogenous levels of total TBL1XR1/TBLR1 protein. This antibody also cross-reacts with an unidentified protein of 130 kDa.

Source / Purification

Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Pro159 of human TBL1XR1/TBLR1 protein.

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from HT-29, RPMI 8226 and COS-7 cells using TBL1XR1/TBLR1 (D4J9C) Rabbit mAb.



Immunoprecipitation of TBL1XR1/TBLR1 from HT-29 cell extracts. Lane 1 is 10% input. Lane 2 is Rabbit (DA1E) mAb IgG XP® Isotype Control #3900 and lane 3 is TBL1XR1/TBLR1 (D4J9C) Rabbit mAb. Western blot analysis was performed using TBL1XR1/TBLR1 (D4J9C) Rabbit mAb.

Chromatin IP

Chromatin IP

Chromatin immunoprecipitations were performed with cross-linked chromatin from 4 x 106 HCT 116 cells and either 10 μl of TBL1XR1/TBLR1 (D4J9C) Rabbit mAb or 2 μl of Normal Rabbit IgG #2729 using SimpleChIP® Enzymatic Chromatin IP Kit (Magnetic Beads) #9003. The enriched DNA was quantified by real-time PCR using SimpleChIP® Human Axin2 Intron 1 Primers #8973, SimpleChIP® Human CaMK2D Intron 3 Primers #5111, and SimpleChIP® Human α Satellite Repeat Primers #4486. The amount of immunoprecipitated DNA in each sample is represented as signal relative to the total amount of input chromatin, which is equivalent to one.


Transducing β-like protein 1 (TBL1X/TBL1) and TBL1-related protein 1 (TBL1XR1/TBLR1) were originally identified as subunits of the co-repressor silencing mediator for retinoic and thyroid hormone receptor (SMRT) and nuclear receptor co-repressor (NCoR) complexes (1-3). These two factors are required for the exchange of co-repressor complexes for co-activators by acting as adaptors to recruit the ubiquitin/proteasome machinery that degrades the co-repressor proteins during ligand mediated activation of transcription (4,5). Co-factor exchange driven by TBL1X/TBL1 and TBL1XR1/TBLR1 appears to be the mechanism by which c-Jun and NF-κB mediated transcription is activated and is therefore likely to be the mechanism employed by other signal-dependent transcription factors as well (4,6). In addition, both TBL1X/TBL1 and TBL1XR1/TBLR1 have essential roles in regulating the Wnt-signaling pathway by recruiting β-catenin to Wnt target genes to activate transcription. Depletion of TBL1X-TBL1XR1 significantly inhibited Wnt-beta-catenin- induced gene expression and oncogenic growth in vitro and in vivo (7). Research studies have shown that upregulation of TBL1XR/TBLR1 is observed in a variety of solid tumors, and is correlated with advanced tumor stage, metastasis and poor prognosis (1).

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