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Phospho-PSD93 (Tyr340) Antibody #2930

Channel-associated protein of synapse-110   CHAPSIN-110   Disks large homolog 2   DLG2   Dlgh2   Postsynaptic density protein PSD-93   PSD-93   PSD93  

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2930S 100 µl ( 10 western blots ) ¥4,050.00 现货查询 购买询价 防伪查询
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Applications Dilution Species-Reactivity Sensitivity MW (kDa) Isotype
W 1:1000 Rat, Endogenous 110 Rabbit
IP 1:50

Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

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Specificity / Sensitivity

Phospho-PSD93 (Tyr340) Antibody detects endogenous levels of PSD93 only when phosphorylated at Tyr340.

Phospho-PSD93 (Tyr340) Antibody 兔多抗识别内源性的Tyr340磷酸化的PSD93蛋白。

Source / Purification

Antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic phosphopeptide corresponding to residues surrounding Tyr340 of human PSD93.


Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from rat brain, either sham-operated, 15 min ischemia followed by 4 h reperfusion, or 15 min ischemia only, using Phospho-PSD93 (Tyr340) Antibody (upper) or PSD95 Antibody (lower).

Western blot分析大鼠大脑(15分钟缺血后再灌注4小时或仅15分钟缺血),使用的抗体Phospho-PSD93 (Tyr340) Antibody 兔多抗(上图)或 PSD95 Antibody 兔多抗(下图)。


Postsynaptic Density Protein 93 (PSD93) is a member of the PSD subfamily of the membrane-associated guanylate kinase (PSD-MAGUK) proteins. Structurally, it most closely resembles PSD95, consisting of an N-terminal variable segment followed by three PDZ domains, an SH3 domain and an inactive guanylate kinase (GK) domain (1,2) . PSD93 is expressed in neuronal cells and located at the synapse where it interacts with neuronal receptors and proteins including the NMDA receptor (2-4), K+ channels (5-6), and the AMPA receptor (7) to regulate their membrane localization and neuronal signaling. PSD93 is implicated in postsynaptic related persistent pain induction and is a potential target for treatment of this syndrome (3).The phosphorylation site at Tyr340 of PSD93 was identified at Cell Signaling Technology (CST) using PhosphoScan®, CST's MS/MS platform for phosphorylation site discovery. Phosphorylation of PSD93 at Tyr340 was observed in extracts isolated from reperfusion of ischemic rat brain.

突触后密集区蛋白93 (Postsynaptic Density protein 93,PSD93) 是一种膜相关鸟苷酸激酶(PSD - MAGUK)蛋白质PSD亚族的成员。结构上,它最类似于PSD95,由三个PDZ结构域后的可变N末端,一个SH3结构域和一个无效的鸟苷酸激酶(GK)结构域组成(1,2)。PSD93在神经细胞表达,定位于突出,与包括NMDA受体(2-4),K+通道(5-6),AMPA受体(7)等神经受体和蛋白质相互作用,调节自己的膜定位和神经信号。PSD93与持续性疼痛感应的突触后事件有关,是一种用于治疗此综合征的潜在的目标(3)。PSD93的Tyr340磷酸化位点由CST公司使用PhosphoScan®和CST的磷酸化位点质谱平台发现。PSD93在Tyr340上的磷酸化在缺血再灌注的大鼠脑组织分离提取物中可见。

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