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Phospho-Estrogen Receptor α (Ser104/106) Antibody #2517

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Applications Dilution Species-Reactivity Sensitivity MW (kDa) Isotype
W 1:1000 Human, Endogenous 66 Rabbit

Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

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Species predicted to react based on 100% sequence homology: Mouse,

Specificity / Sensitivity

Phospho-Estrogen Receptor alpha (Ser104/106) Antibody detects endogenous levels of ER alpha only when phosphorylated at Ser104/106. It does not cross-react with the phosphorylated ER isoform beta.只有当丝氨酸(104/106位)磷酸化时,Phospho-Estrogen Receptor alpha (Ser104/106) Antibody能够检测内源性水平的雌激素受体α。它不与磷酸化的雌激素受体β亚型发生交叉反应。

Source / Purification

Polyclonal antibodies are produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic phosphopeptide corresponding to residues surrounding serine 104/106 of human ER alpha. Antibodies are purified by protein A and peptide affinity chromatography.该多克隆抗体通过用合成磷酸肽免疫动物制备,该合成磷酸肽是人雌激素受体α丝氨酸(104/106位)附近的残基。抗体由蛋白A和肽亲和层析纯化。

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from COS-1 cells expressing wild-type or mutant ER alpha, stimulated with beta-estradiol (100 nM) and EGF (100 ng/ml) for 30 minutes, using Phospho-Estrogen Receptor alpha (Ser104/106) Antibody (upper) or control ER alpha Antibody #2512 (lower). (Cell lysates provided by Dr. Simak Ali, Hammersmith Hospital, London.)Western blot方法检测COS-1细胞提取物,细胞为野生型或雌激素受体α突变型,并由β-雌二醇(100 nM)和EGF (100 ng/ml)刺激30分钟,使用的抗体为Phospho-Estrogen Receptor alpha (Ser104/106) Antibody (上图)或control ER alpha Antibody #2512 (下图).(细胞裂解物由伦敦默史密斯医院的Dr. Simak Ali提供。)

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from serum-starved MCF7 cells, untreated, treated with β-estradiol, or treated with β-estradiol and heregulin, using Phospho-Estrogen Receptor α (Ser104/106) Antibody. A non-specific band is detected at 90 kDa.Western blot方法检测血清饥饿的MCF7细胞提取物,细胞不处理、β-雌二醇处理或 β-雌二醇和调蛋白处理,使用的抗体为Phospho-Estrogen Receptor α (Ser104/106) Antibody.可检测到一个90 kDa的非特异性条带。


Estrogen receptor α (ERα), a member of the steroid receptor superfamily, contains highly conserved DNA binding (DBD) and ligand binding domains (LBD) (1). Through its estrogen-independent and estrogen-dependent activation domains (AF-1 and AF-2, respectively), ERα regulates transcription by recruiting coactivator proteins and interacting with general transcriptional machinery (2). Phosphorylation provides an important mechanism to regulate ERα activity (3,4). ERα is phosphorylated on multiple sites (5). Ser104, 106, 118 and 167 are located in the amino-terminal transcription activation function domain AF-1, and phosphorylation of these serines plays an important role in regulating ERα activity. Ser118 may be the substrate of the transcription regulatory kinase CDK7 (5). Ser167 may be phosphorylated by p90RSK and Akt (4,6). Phosphorylation of Ser167 may confer tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer patients (4).雌激素受体α(ERα)是类固醇受体超家族的一员,含有高度保守的DNA结合域(DBD)和配体结合域(LBD)(1)。ERα通过其雌激素非依赖性和雌激素依赖性激活域(分别为AF-1和AF-2),调控转录招募共激活因子蛋白,并与一般的转录机制相互作用(2)。磷酸化提供了调控ERα活性的重要机制(3,4)。 ERα有多个磷酸化位点(5)。丝氨酸(104,106,118和167位)都位于氨基末端的转录激活功能域AF-1,这些丝氨酸的磷酸化在调节ERα活性中起着重要作用。丝氨酸(118位)可能是转录调节激酶CDK7的底物(5)。丝氨酸(167位)可以被p90RSK和Akt磷酸化(4,6)。丝氨酸(167位)的磷酸化可能会使乳腺癌患者对他莫昔芬耐药(4)。

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