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Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb #13439

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Applications Dilution Species-Reactivity Sensitivity MW (kDa) Isotype
W 1:1000 Human, Endogenous 44 Rabbit IgG
IP 1:50

Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

Applications Key: W=Western Blotting, IP=Immunoprecipitation,

Specificity / Sensitivity

Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb recognizes endogenous levels of PCNA protein only when ubiquitinated at Lys164.

Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb可以识别Lys164被泛素化的内源性PCNA蛋白。

Source / Purification

Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Lys164 of human PCNA protein.




Immunoprecipitation of Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) from UV-treated (100 mJ, 1 hr recovery) HeLa cell extracts using Rabbit (DA1E) mAb IgG XP® Isotype Control #3900 (lane 2) or Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb (lane 3). Lane 1 is 10% input. Western blot was performed using Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb.来自UV-处理(100 mJ, 1 hr 恢复)HeLa细胞的Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164),使用Rabbit (DA1E) mAb IgG XP®Isotype Control #3900 (lane 2) 或Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb (lane 3)进行免疫沉淀实验。Lane1是10%上样量。使用Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb进行western blot分析。

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from HeLa cells, untreated (-) or UV-treated (100 mJ, 1 hr recovery; +), using Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb (upper) or PCNA (PC10) Mouse mAb #2586 (lower).未处理(-) 或 UV-处理(100 mJ, 1 hr 恢复; +),的HeLa细胞提取物,使用Ubiquityl-PCNA (Lys164) (D5C7P) Rabbit mAb (上)或 PCNA (PC10) Mouse mAb #2586 (下)进行western blot分析。


Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) is a member of the DNA sliding clamp family of proteins that assist in DNA replication (1). Crystal structure data suggests that a PCNA homotrimer ring can encircle and slide along the DNA double helix (2). Multiple proteins involved in DNA replication, DNA repair, and cell cycle control bind to PCNA rather than directly associating with DNA, thus facilitating fast processing of DNA (reviewed in 3). PCNA protein expression is a well-accepted marker of proliferation and PCNA (PC10) mouse mAb has been used to assess PCNA levels in hundreds of scientific studies. 增殖细胞核抗原(PCNA)是DNA滑动钳蛋白家族的一员,协助DNA复制(1)。晶体结构数据提示PCNA形成的同源三聚体环可以环绕包围DNA双螺旋(2)。很多涉及到DNA复制,修复和细胞周期调控的蛋白都是与PCNA结合而不是直接地和DNA结合,因此可以促进DNA的快速处理(reviewed in 3)。PCNA蛋白表达是一个广泛认可的增殖信号,PCNA(PC10)mouse mAb已经被上百种研究用于衡量PCNA的表达量。

PCNA is mono-ubiquitinated at Lys164 in response to DNA damage at stalled replication forks. This modification is important in the translesion synthesis (TLS) DNA repair pathway (reviewed in 4,5).停滞的复制叉发生DNA损伤后,PCNA的Lys164会被单泛素化。这个修饰对于跨损伤修复(TLS)DNA修复途径是很重要的(reviewed in 4,5).

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