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Immunofluorescence Application Solutions Kit #12727

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No. Size Price
12727S 1 Kit ( 100 tests ) ¥1,450.00 现货查询 购买询价 防伪查询
Kit Includes Quantity Applications Reactivity Homology† MW (kDa) Isotype
IF Dilution Buffer 20 ml
IF Blocking Buffer 10 ml
IF Wash Buffer (10X) 35 ml
16% Formaldehyde, Methanol-Free 10 ml 30.03 g/mol


The Immunofluorescence Application Solutions Kit is designed to conveniently provide the major supporting reagents needed for immunofluorescence in cell cultures (IF-IC) or frozen samples (IF-F). The reagents in this kit are thoroughly validated using our IF-approved antibodies and will perform optimally with the kit’s recommended protocol, ensuring accurate and reproducible results. This kit includes sufficient reagents for 100 assays based on a 100 µl assay volume.

IMPORTANT: Please refer to the antibody data sheet to determine if it is validated and approved for use on cultured cell lines (IF-IC) or frozen tissues sections (IF-F) and for information regarding appropriate antibody dilution.

Some primary antibodies may require methanol fixation or permeabilzation, which will be noted on the data sheet. Methanol is not included in this kit.





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