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CaMKII-α (D10C11) Rabbit mAb #11945

CaMK 2α   camkk   sc-5390  

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Applications Dilution Species-Reactivity Sensitivity MW (kDa) Isotype
W 1:1000 Human,Mouse,Rat, Endogenous 50 Rabbit IgG

Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

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Specificity / Sensitivity

CaMKII-α (D10C11) Rabbit mAb recognizes endogenous levels of total CaMKII-α protein. The peptide sequence used as the antigen is not conserved in CaMKII-β, -γ, and -δ.

CaMKII-α (D10C11) Rabbit mAb兔单抗能够检测内源性的CaMKII-α总蛋白。抗原肽段序列与CaMKII-β, -γ 或者 -δ不保守。

Source / Purification

Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues near the carboxy terminus of human CaMKII-α protein.


Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from 293T cells, mock transfected (-) or transfected with a construct expressing Myc-tagged full-length human CaMKII-α (hCaMKII-α-Myc;+), CaMKII-β (hCaMKII-β-Myc;+), or CaMKII-δ (hCaMKII-δ-Myc;+), and mouse brain using CaMKII-α (D10C11) Rabbit mAb (upper) or Myc-Tag (71D10) Rabbit mAb #2278 (lower).

Western blot方法检测293T细胞提取物:空质粒转染(-)或带Myc-标签全长人CaMKII-α (hCaMKII-α-Myc;+),CaMKII-β (hCaMKII-β-Myc;+)或CaMKII-δ (hCaMKII-δ-Myc;+)载体转染,以及小鼠大脑;使用的抗体是CaMKII-α (D10C11) Rabbit mAb兔单抗(上图)或Myc-Tag (71D10) Rabbit mAb 兔单抗#2278(下图)。


CaMKII is an important member of the calcium/calmodulin-activated protein kinase family, functioning in neural synaptic stimulation and T cell receptor signaling (1,2). CaMKII has catalytic and regulatory domains. Ca2+/calmodulin binding to the CaMKII regulatory domain relieves autoinhibition and activates the kinase (3). The activated CaMKII further autophosphorylates at Thr286 to render the kinase constitutively active (3). The threonine phosphorylation state of CaMKII can be regulated through PP1/PKA. PP1 (protein phosphatase 1) dephosphorylates phospho-CaMKII at Thr286. PKA (protein kinase A) prevents phospho-CaMKII (Thr286) dephosphorylation through an inhibitory effect on PP1 (4).

CaMKII 是一种钙/钙调素活化蛋白激酶家族的重要成员,在神经突触的刺激和T细胞受体信号通路中起作用(1,2)。CaMKII 具有催化和调节结构域。与Ca2+/钙调蛋白调节功能域的结合,可以产生自身抑制,并激活激酶(3)。活化的CaMKII进一步在Thr286位点自磷酸化,进而呈现出其具有的激酶活性(3)。CaMKII的苏氨酸磷酸化状态可以通过PP1/PKA调节。PP1(蛋白磷酸酶1)可以对磷酸化的CaMKII在Thr286进行去磷酸化。PKA(蛋白激酶A)通过对PP1的抑制作用阻止这种去磷酸化(4)。

  1. Hughes, K. et al. (2001) J Biol Chem 276, 36008-13.
  2. Barria, A. et al. (1997) Science 276, 2042-5.
  3. Barkai, U. et al. (2000) Mol Endocrinol 14, 554-63.
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